Premere Auto Detail

Luxury Car Owners Find Premere Better with BrandSquire

Premere Auto Detail, an auto detailing services provider based in the District of Columbia, in the United States, started their brand with BrandSquire back in 2010.
Seven years later, they are on to making 6 figures, projecting 7 in the next 24 months.

Here’s how we have been helping their vision become reality since inception.

From the ground up…

Starting from their logo design, we branded Premere Auto Detail with timelessness and luxury in mind.

Today, they’re all about profit and growth.

A strong landing page and sales funnel system now powers the premere auto detail website, and helps drive better conversion (calls and booking requests) on their website.

Full list of items designed so far:
• Logo design
• Business card
• Stationary
• Posters
• Banners
• LED signs
• Truck Wraps
• Website
• Floor Mat Design
• Product labels (etc.)


This company is awesome. Our website has never looked or performed better for us. They do all of the marketing graphic work for our business. From our logo, business card, direct mail fliers, and website imagery. They have a gift for creativity and helped us on so many projects that we can’t imagine having someone else do our branding. Try them out and I’m sure you’l be impressed with the results!
Mike Calloway – Founder

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