Cyberion in Maryland, USA.

Decades in the business… But never better than now.

Cyberion is a franchise chain slowly but surely plaguing malls in the Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia area. With their focus primarily on grabbing the attention of potential customers who have gotten so accustomed to their cracked phones, they found some trouble differentiating their brand from the several other, smaller repair booths that seemed to garner more attention. After all, the bigger the store, people assume, the more they’d have to pay for services offered.

Making a better brand

Starting with their logo redesign, we gave them a dominantly colored letter and streak, because they wanted to retain an old established company feel, while modernizing the presentation.
A barricade design was created to be wrapped around the entire glass walls length of the mall store until their renovations were completed. Our designer kept in touch with them to make sure that all was coordinated: they were renovating the interior of the store to match the new branding direction we conceptualized for them.

A new, stronger impression…

All of Cyberion’s marketing material was rethought and redesigned from the ground up.
• Logo design
• Business card
• Stationary
• Posters
• Banners
• LED signs
• Wraps
• Website
• Product labels (etc.)

Cyberion today…

More sales, more website impressions.

Current store display videos created at Brand Squire


I have been using these guys for my company for years. They designed me a site that increased my calls and that people have appointments through on daily basis. Definitely let Brandsquire build your website.
Luxsy Ky – Founder

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