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Full list of website business features

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Online Store

Powerful online sales system


• User login
• User account
• Shipping and Tax
• Order status
• Confirmation emails


Get a robust online listings website


• Main directory
• Add new listings
• User accounts
• Paid memberships
• Local searches

Social Website

Facebook-like website with likes, comments and profiles.


• User accounts
• User profiles
• Main feed page
• Status updates
• Cross messaging

Appointment Form

Dynamically updating booking and appointment form


• Form dynamically affected by availability and previous confirmed bookings

Online Applications

Make job prospects apply seamlessly from your website


• Multi-page forms
• Document uploads
• Multiple file uploads
• Complex calculations
• Payment with submission

Online Signing

Next-Generation Virtual pen and paper signing online


• Offer a virtual pen and paper signature pad for sensitive contracts instead of the traditional "click to agree" button

Pop-Up Forms

Smart forms that pop up when a condition is met


• Special Pop up Triggers/instances
• Activity tracking
• Behavior tracking
• Lead capture forms
• Call to Action

Payment & Plans

Accept payments directly on your website


• Payment forms
• Link to Paypal, Stripe, Bank, etc.
• Recurring payments
• Pay over the phone
• Receipts and invoicing

Store Finder

Match your visitor with your nearest store.


• Live dynamic map
• Draggable interface
• Multiple locations on map
• User location tracking
• Distance radius search

Landing Pages

Webpages designed for advertising campaigns


• Special weblink
• Activity tracking
• Behavior tracking
• Lead capture forms
• Call to Action items

Sales Funnels

Turning visitors into buyers


• High-conversion layout
• Call to Action imagery and buttons
• Video* Enhancements
• Order Funnel Pages

Deep Analytics

See your website's performance


• Google Analytics
• On-page clicks behavior
• On-page scroll behavior
• Conversion optimization
• Detailed reports

Web Security

Secure your website from VERY REAL hack attacks


• Daily site-wide scans
• Automatic virus removals
• Website crash prevention
• Hack reversals
• Encrypted Payments

Secure Hosting

Fast, secure website hosting with UNLIMITED space


• Unlimited bandwidth
• Fast website loading
• Extra security
• Website / email backup / restore
• 99.9% uptime

Business Email

Get email addresses ending with your website name


Feature is available if hosting with us.
• First email FREE for every plan
• Additional emails upon request
• Link to Gmail or Outlook

Social Integration

Your Social media, embedded and LIVE your website.


• Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Feeds live on your website
• Like, Share and Follow Features

On-Demand Features

Request any feature on your website and we'll make it happen.

Custom features

We've developed tons of custom requested features that function seamlessly with all of the ones we already offer.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase your visibility in online search with our smart Search Engine Optimization services. Benefit from our Local listings management, so your company features on pertinent sites that drive more traffic your way. We work hands-on on your website’s online visibility, and increase your “find-me” factor.

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